Sunday , July 22 2018

All-in Pedometer

Sep 4, 2012
Viaden Gaming Limited
iOS and Android (upgrades available)



This app will count your patients’ steps when secured to their body (e.g. placed in breast pocket or around waist).

They can enter their height and let the app calculate the distance walked based on average step length for their height, or they can manually enter their step length while walking, jogging, and running for a more accurate distance estimation. The app will also calculate how many calories have been burned based on the number of steps taken. The app allows sensitivity adjustment so that each step is accurately counted.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Users seem to want this app to work but are encountering some pretty bad technical problems with a recent upgrade — more so for Android. (One user complained it kept re-setting his weight to 1287 lbs.!) Those who could use it were quite enthusiastic however.

All-in Pedometer (iOS)

All-in Pedometer (Android)