Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Did You Know

Diabetes Makes Children More Susceptible to TB

Children with Type 1 diabetes are at an increased risk of developing tuberculosis, according to a new report. Dr. E. A. Webb, from the Desmond Tutu Tuberculosis Center, Cape Town, South Africa, and colleagues found that almost one in three children with Type 1 diabetes tested positive for TB, placing them …

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Black Tea May Fight Diabetes

Long known for its antioxidants, immune boosting and, most recently, antihypertensive properties, black tea could be used to control diabetes, according to a study. Next to water, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Researchers studied the polysaccharide levels of green, oolong and black teas and whether …

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A Pat on the Head Helps Seniors Remember Daily Meds

Doing something unusual, like knocking on wood or patting yourself on the head, while taking a daily dose of medicine may be an effective strategy to help seniors remember whether they’ve already taken their daily medications, suggests new research from Washington University in St. Louis. We’ve all heard warnings that some …

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Positive Results from Study of Oral Insulin in Type 1’s

Oramed’s oral insulin capsule, (ORMD-0801), was well tolerated by patients and no serious adverse events were observed. The insulin absorption was not affected when given before meal ingestion. Oramed the developer reported positive results from a Phase 2A study of its oral insulin capsule, ORMD-0801, on Type 1 diabetic patients. …

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Grapefruit Ingredient: A Future Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes?

A team of Canadian scientists have discovered that naringenin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruit, and especially grapefruit, makes the liver burn fat instead of storing it after a meal. (This chemical compound also gives grapefruit its bitter taste.) Potentially, without having to change diets or cut out particular foods, …

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