Sunday , September 23 2018
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Did You Know

Hyperglycemic Patients Benefit from a Natural Plant Extract

Italian researchers found that patients with borderline hyperglycemia who took Pycnogenol, a natural plant extract, showed a significant improvement in their endothelial functions and a reduction in oxidative stress and fasting glucose levels. Patients with borderline hypertension also saw their blood pressure normalized and those with borderline hyperlipidemia had reduced …

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Potassium May Protect Teens from High Blood Pressure

A high-potassium diet may help protect teens against high blood pressure later in life better than restricting sodium.The study, which included 2,185 girls ages 9 and 10 and followed them up to 10 years, found sodium intake did not affect blood pressure, but those who ate a high-potassium diet had …

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Diabetes Risk Higher Among Indians in India Than US

Asian Indians who live in the U.S. have a 20% higher prevalence of having prediabetes than those residing in India, but Indian residents have a 50% higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes compared with those in the U.S. The cross-sectional analyses, involved Asian Indians enrolled in the Centre for Cardiometabolic …

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Fast Food after Working Out Not All That Bad

Athletes who ate fast food after a workout were able to complete exercises two hours later as easily as those who consumed post-workout dietary supplements, University of Montana researchers report. The study found the group consuming fast food had higher levels of muscle glycogen, an energy source, compared with study …

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Diabetes, a Silent Threat to US Economy

Obesity is costly. Some of those costs are surprising ($2.5 billion wasted in gasoline). Others represent true injustice (obese black women earn 34% less than the rest of the workforce). But as significant as these diverse amounts are, they are almost incidental in comparison to the health care costs resulting …

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