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November, 2015

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    When you do the math, 95% of all diabetes patients have type 2. This does not mean that we should ignore type 1 patients when looking at psychological problems; in fact, most of the information on these problems deals with type 1 patients. These problems can include development of diabetes, ...

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November, 2015

Test Your Knowledge

Test Your (Thanksgiving) Knowledge

Just for fun, here’s a bonus question to Test Your Knowledge of Thanksgiving:

According to food historians, the meal at the first Thanksgiving in 1621 would have been very different from what most U.S. celebrants eat today. In fact, only one of these modern Thanksgiving staples might actually have been on the table back then. Which one is it?


Answer: C. Turkey

We know the Pilgrims and Wampanoag had a range of wildfowl available to them, including wild turkeys, so turkey well might have been on the table, as might goose, duck, venison, and various types of fish. But they wouldn’t have had the “sides” we’re used to today. White and sweet potatoes weren’t around in North America yet. There’s no evidence anyone came up with the idea of cranberry sauce till about 50 years later. And as for pumpkin pie – they had pumpkins, but with no butter or wheat flour, they couldn’t make pie crust.

Except for cornbread, a form of which may have been served, the first Thanksgiving was probably a low-carb meal!

Source: Smithsonian, “What Was on the Menu at the First Thanksgiving?”


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November, 2015