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73% of People Don’t Know About Metabolic Syndrome

Feb 14, 2006

Omron Healthcare announced on January 25 the results of its attitude survey on metabolic syndrome and visceral fat. Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors including obesity, hypertension, high lipids and high blood sugar.

The company conducted a survey of 1,329 people aged from 30 to 59 from January 13 to 17. The survey showed that only 2.9% answered that they know of metabolic syndrome, 23.3% said that they have heard about it. Meanwhile, 73.8% do not know about the syndrome.

Of the respondents, 74.9% answered that they are familiar with visceral fat and 21.7% have heard of it. Further, 77.8% are worried about the accumulation of visceral fat. In particular, 19.5% feel deeply anxious and 58.3% have some concerns.

One in every two respondents thinks that they have gained weight over the past year. Further, one in every four has actually gained more than 5kg during the past five years.

When asked in what occasions they realize that they have gained weight, 78.8% said "when they feel their clothes are tight", followed by "when they look at themselves in a mirror".

Omron Attitude Survey on Metabolic Syndrome



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