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Apr 21, 2016

daveMany of you know that although Metformin was first introduced in Europe in 1958, it was actually the second drug in the biguanide class. The first was Phenformin, which was introduced in the U.S. at about the same time. In 1975 Phenformin was withdrawn from the U.S. market due to very high rates of lactic acidosis. Even though these same life-threatening effects did not occur in Europe where they were using Metformin, the U.S. FDA did not approve Metformin for use until 1993. (To learn more please check out this link.)

Now it appears that the European Committee is taking a page from the FDA’s book and they are urging healthcare providers to be vigilant and educate patients for signs and symptoms of atypical DKA in SGLT-2 patients. Although there is a small chance of this occurring, it is worth it to read this month’ s top article.

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Dave Joffe