Mar 15, 2016


Sunday night I got a call from a good friend and colleague who I have worked with for the past 20 years. She is in the managed markets division of a small pharma company, and she let me know that her 21 y/o nephew had just come back from spring break in the Dominican Republic and ended up in the hospital with an 1100 glucose level. When they checked his A1c it was 9.0, and it was determined that he had developed type one diabetes.

Her first request was “I need a great Endo in Raleigh, NC” (if you know one please message me at, and her second one was “How soon can we get him on a pump and get his A1c below 5.7?”  I explained that often we don’t treat patients to perfection when they are first diagnosed, and there are many reasons for this.

We oftentimes try to make all patients fit into the guidelines, but as our Homerun Slides show, patient goals should be individualized for every patient.

Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe