Nov 9, 2015


When we have insulin-using diabetes patients, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking the patient knows as much as we do and has become an expert in their own care. This usually leads to problems that appear to be severe, but can be broken down into simple solutions. With this thinking in mind, we have created an entire issue to help you overcome these simple, but difficult problems.

Our Clinical Text looks at the psychological aspects of diabetes and delves into some of the patient-directed actions that become problems, and why the daily burden of diabetes often leads our patients astray. Our Disaster Averted visits the oft quoted problem of improper pen needle use, and in this week’s Exclusive Interview, Steve Freed sits down with¬†Dr. Larry Hirsch to discuss the results of his investigation into infusion sets, and how patients lose control even with the best technology.


Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe