Nov 3, 2015


Each week we try to bring you the latest in diabetes care, and some of you often email me about the Homerun Slides and how they often explore therapies with drugs that are not available to use in practice. This week’s Slides look at studies using a yet-to-be-approved GLP-1 analog with insulin. Our goal is to provide you with the latest ideas in therapy and let you decide if it is a class effect or limited to the compound in the slides.

In order to move past the latest classes of drugs and see what the future will hold, our PharmD Candidate, Tyler Frisch, reviewed the current research in medications and put together Ingenuities, Advancements, and Future Endeavors in the Treatment of Diabetes. This well-written overview will give you great insight into what the near future holds for diabetes care.


Reminder — the Drug Lookup tool is now live again on our website! You can access it here or from anywhere on — just look for it on the right side of each page. Search by brand name, scientific name, or drug class.

Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe