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September 29, 2015

Sep 29, 2015

daveReminder – on October 1st, 2015, we will be relaunching DiabetesInControl.com. The refreshed site will feature a clean, new look and feel, with enhanced navigation to make it even easier to find all our great content. We’ve also decided to make some of our most popular content, including our “Tools for Your Practice,” subscriber-exclusive to reward our loyal readers. In order to access this content, you will need to register your subscription email address on the new website. Please look for the link to register in the October 3rd e-newsletter.

We often think of CVD and diabetes in the same breath and yet they are not always related. This week, our Clinical Gem looks at how this mindset became the “law of the land.”


Our Diabetes Disaster Averted looks at why patients often need professional help to get them to use smaller forks and why a good dietitian is better than duct tape when it comes to reducing the amount of food our patients eat.

Also, our Homerun Slides focus on the use of SGLTs to treat type 2 diabetes and be sure to check out our Exclusive Interview with Keith Campbell, PharmD and type 1 patient extraordinaire.

Your partner in diabetes care,
Dave Joffe