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250,000+ Recipes

Sep 4, 2012    
Android and iOS


This is a huge database of recipes accessible by search, or options such as "Use up Leftovers," which allows the user to enter the ingredients and find matching recipes, or "Recent Raves," which lists the most popular recipes.

Each recipe has reviews and photos, but nutritional information is only available with a subscription at $15.99/year (Pro upgrade).
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Positive reviews with many users happy that BigOven decided to upgrade the app, adding around 80,000 more recipes and also making the user interface a little more friendly. One user commented that the app has practically every recipe there is, and another said they hadn’t used their cookbook since downloading it.

250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List: BigOven (iOS)

250,000 Recipes and Grocery List (Android)