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Nov. 4, 2017

Over the years we have heard that there are more than two types of diabetes. In fact we have carried articles in the past stating that Alzheimer’s is really a form of diabetes. These monikers often disappear in a short time period and are forgotten. This week we bring you …

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Are My Joint Issues Due to Being Active, Normal Aging, or Diabetes?

Living with diabetes often leads me to wonder if what I’m experiencing—particularly when it’s an irritated joint or an overuse injury—is a consequence of being a regularly physically active person, getting older, or having diabetes, or some combination of those. Which one of these is causing my joint issues? Is it possible to know? I will attempt to answer these questions based on my deeper dive into the published research.

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Pioglitazone Changes

Test Your Knowledge

A 62-year-old Asian-American female arrives at your office for a new patient appointment. Her current medications are metformin, pioglitazone, enalapril, lovastatin, alendronate, calcium supplements and vitamin D. Her A1C is on target at 6.9%, however you decide to replace her pioglitazone with a different antihyperglycemic medication. Why would you make this decision? A. Pioglitazone increases the risk of hypertriglyceridemia B. Pioglitazone increases the risk for cardiovascular events C. Pioglitazone increases the risk for fractures D. Pioglitazone increases the risk for hypoglycemia Follow the link to see the right answer.

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SGLT-2 as 2nd Drug

Are you open to recommending an SGLT-2 inhibitor as a second drug for a patient with type 2 diabetes who is overweight and has not met their goal? Follow the link to see how you compare to your colleagues.

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OptiScanner is the first-of-its-kind bedside blood monitoring platform that provides plasma-based, automated monitoring of ICU patients’ glucose levels. The OptiScanner 5000 directly measures plasma glucose levels using an integrated blood centrifuge and spectrometer to help avoid dangerous glycemic variations and assist clinicians in achieving the right level of glucose control.

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