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Oct. 3, 2017

In 1999 I had the unique opportunity to work as an Eckerd Patient Care Pharmacist. We had a grant to see how much impact we could have on patient care as a pharmacist. There were 15 of us across the country who were trained to manage patients full time. I …

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #93: Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism, Hypolipidemic Agents, and Therapeutic Goals Part 5

Diet and lifestyle modification: Appropriate lifestyle interventions involving diet and exercise can lead to weight loss, and since obesity is a major contributor to the IR and T2DM, weight loss should provide significant benefits to individuals with these problems. The Diabetes Prevention Program demonstrated that a 6% weight loss and the addition of two hours of exercise per week was associated with a 58% reduction in the incidence of new T2DM in a group with IGT. Similar results were obtained in the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study using similar interventions.

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