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Oct. 14, 2017

When I made the move from retail pharmacist to diabetes educator I had the opportunity to spend more time with patients and clinicians. Often the prescribers would express their frustration because they would constantly add on more medications with no improvement in results. Whenever I heard this frustration I would …

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An Overview of EASD 2017

By Guest Writer David Kliff, Diabetic Investor: As we were getting ready to disembark the plane when it arrived in Lisbon I asked a long-term consultant to the diabetes industry why he comes to EASD. “I like to come here because what they have here will show up in our country in two years” was his response. Given what we witnessed at EASD there isn’t much to look forward to in 2019.

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Weight Loss Assistance

Test Your Knowledge

A 41-year-old patient with a BMI of 39 kg/m2 returns for a follow-up visit 3 months after initiating metformin. She is highly sensitive to her weight and has tried to implement lifestyle modifications, but is finding it difficult to make any meaningful changes in her diet or exercise routines. Her current A1C is 7.7%, with a target goal A1C<7%. In addition to discussing consideration of bariatric surgery, which drug class might you add? A. Thiazolidinedione B. Sulfonylurea C. DDP-4 inhibitor D. GLP-1 receptor agonist Follow the link to see the correct answer.

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