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Oct. 31, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we were starting an in depth clinical look at Metabolomics. In part one we started getting into the definitions of the science and the effects this has on insulin resistance and and diabetes. Part two added more information, and now in part three we start to look at …

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Osama Hamdy Full Interview

In this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Osama Hamdy talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the AACE 2017 convention in Austin, Texas about the importance of understanding and working with various cultural traditions in order to effectively manage diabetes anywhere in the world.

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Oct. 28, 2017

The use of GLP-1 agonists just got easier. For the past couple of years, if your patient’s formulary paid for Trulicity, they had an easy time administering their dose. Adherence was improved because no mixing was necessary and you didn’t have to stare at the needle. Now Bydureon joins the …

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