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Sept. 30, 2017

This week there was a lot of press about Abbott getting approval for their CGMS, the Libre Flash System (see item #5). The best part about this approval is the hope that there will be be more competition among the manufacturers, lower prices and increased third party coverage. This would be good based on the information we have …

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Which Insulin Do You Choose?

Test Your Knowledge

One of your patients is a 3-state regional salesman who has a fairly unpredictable work schedule. When he gets hungry while on the road, he tends to eat at the first restaurant he sees. For the past 3 months, he has managed his type 2 diabetes with metformin, glipizide, and glargine. Despite this regimen, his current A1C is 7.8%. You are in agreement that he needs to add a bolus insulin dose to his regimen. Which type of insulin would be the most appropriate choice? 1. Rapid-acting insulin analogues 2. Premixed insulin 3. Long-acting insulin analogues 4. Intermediate-acting insulin Follow the link to see the correct answer.

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Type 2 Drug Preferences

Which new drug do you prefer for a second-line therapy for a patient with type 2 patient diabetes? 1) GLP-1 Agonist 2) SGLT-2 Inhibitor 3) Long-acting insulin 4) TZD 5) Other Follow the link to share your response.

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Sept. 26, 2017

Over the past year, we have been following Team Novo Nordisk, the professional cycling team, as they travel the world and remind all of us that diabetes is not a disease that you cannot overcome. You can imagine that the cost of sponsoring a UCI team is very high. As …

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