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Aug. 22, 2017

Too often when we see patients we arbitrarily give them a goal A1c. Most of us don’t make every person strive for 5.7, but we sometimes forget to find out what the patient really thinks they can accomplish. This week we combined information from Dr. Karl Nadolsky and our Medical Editor to …

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The Power of Numbers

A disaster can be considered many different things to different people. For some it could mean developing type 2 diabetes rather than preventing or delaying it. If you watch our expert video series you will hear our Publisher ask many of our experts, “Whether or not you have diabetes, what would you like your A1C to be?” As our expert, Dr. Karl Nadolsky said, he’d like his to be in the normal range, ~ 5%. This is not unusual for us as health care providers to want and work towards a normal A1C, that is, depending on age, and risk for complications of hypoglycemia.

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