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Jan. 7, 2017


The ADA has announced their new Standards of Care for 2017 and they are taking a more global approach to A1C, CVD and hypoglycemia. When it comes to CVD, there is a bigger push to get patients to improve blood pressure levels. They recommend more widespread use of ARB’s and ...

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When It’s Hard to Treat Exercise-Related Hypoglycemia


by Sheri Colberg, Ph.D., FACSM
My last article focused on why glucose was the best short-term treatment for hypoglycemia, but this time I want to switch gears and talk about why treating lows is not as straight-forward as you would think. It mainly stems from the fact that sometimes hypoglycemia can be very difficult to treat effectively and even hard to prevent in many cases, particularly related to physical activity.

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Question 867

Test Your Knowledge

What physiological feature puts East Asians at increased risk for type 2 diabetes? 1. Greater insulin resistance 2. Lower levels of endogenous incretins 3. Increased beta-cell dysfunction 4. Increased incidence of dyslipidemias Did you get it right? Follow the link to see the correct answer!

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Sticking to the Regimen


What percentage of your patients have a difficult time following their diabetes treatment regimen? 1) Greater than 75% 2) Greater than 50% 3) Less than 50% 4) Less than 25% Follow the link to share your opinion!

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