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Jan. 31, 2017

Over the past three weeks, we have been sharing a special feature from Dr. Altamash Shaikh on the unique situation of diabetes in India. We have looked at the reasons, challenges, and causes for the rapid increase in diabetes in the second most populated country in the world. This week, …

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Life Happens to Our Patients Too. Be Understanding.

Woman, type 1 diabetes, 63 years of age. Well-educated diabetes wise. Reached out to me saying: "HELP!! Normally I take 10 units of Toujeo at 9 pm. I did that last night. This morning I meant to take an additional 2 units because I'm not getting any exercise due to a knee injury. By mistake I took my usual dose of 10 units." Before I read the rest of her email, I thought, I know her. She knows what to do. She wears a CGM, she’ll be watching that. Then I read on...

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #60: Mechanisms of Insulin Signal Transduction Part 4 of 8

PI-3 kinase pathways: regulation of metabolism and gene expression: Signal transduction for insulin’s metabolic effects also diverges from insulin receptor substrate proteins and proceeds via the PI-3 kinase pathway. The first committed step involves type 1A PI-3 kinase, a heterodimer consisting of a p85 regulatory subunit and a p110 catalytic subunit. In quiescent cells, the regulatory subunit maintains a state of low activity for the catalytic subunit.

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Jan. 28, 2017

For the past 15 years, we have been advocates of low carb and ultra low carb diets. We were the first publication to bring you the logic of low carb and have provided years of coverage of Dr. Richard Bernstein’s low carb methods for controlling glucose levels in type 1 …

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