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Question #840

Test Your Knowledge

More stringent hyperglycemia management (target A1C 6-6.5%) in type 2 diabetes might be supported by which one of the following factors: A. Long-standing disease duration B. Moderate-severe vascular complications C. Shorter life expectancy D. Absent-few comorbidities Are you right? Follow the link to find out!

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How to Improve What Really Matters: Quality of Life, Not Longevity

Dr. Sheri Colberg on Avoid Weight Gain from Insulin Use and Treating Lows

For many years, I have focused on aspects of lifestyle and health management that can enhance quality of life, especially when living with a chronic disease like diabetes, rather than simply on living a long time (longevity). Much of my motivation is derived from the personal experience of watching my maternal grandmother suffer through six (long) years of severe disability related to cardiovascular complications of diabetes starting at the age of 70 that left her unable to feed herself or communicate, bed bound, and with almost no quality of life for her final six years of life. Really, what is the point of simply being alive when you’re really not experiencing life under such conditions?

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CDC Health IQ

Challenge your Health IQ in this fun and educational health trivia app. Do you know the minimum SPF needed to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays? Or how many seconds you should wash your hands to kill germs? Test your Health IQ to see how your health skills stack up.

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