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Daily Archives: Jul 2, 2016

ADA Interview Format

We were at the ADA and AACE and have over 45 video interviews with some great information. Would you prefer to watch a video interview in its entirety, or an interview broken up into Q&A segments? Follow the link and let us know your opinion!

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July 2, 2016

I just did a CE program for consultant pharmacists in Lake Mary, Florida. We were discussing the reasons why we may not try to work to perfection with our older patients. One of my colleagues brought up the 5-star ratings and how one of the measurements had to do with …

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Question #840

Test Your Knowledge

More stringent hyperglycemia management (target A1C 6-6.5%) in type 2 diabetes might be supported by which one of the following factors: A. Long-standing disease duration B. Moderate-severe vascular complications C. Shorter life expectancy D. Absent-few comorbidities Are you right? Follow the link to find out!

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