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July 30, 2016

There is an old saying in medicine: “above all do no harm.” This term often comes into play when our patients ask us about nutritional products for diabetes and other diseases, as well as when someone tells us about the greatest new exercise program to “cure” diabetes. This week we …

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Question #844

Test Your Knowledge

Which of the following is the correct diagnostic cut-point for diabetes? 1) A1C greater than or equal to 7% 2) Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) greater than or equal to 130 mg/dL 3) 2-hour plasma glucose greater than or equal to 200 mg/dL during an oral glucose tolerance test 4) Random plasma glucose greater than or equal to 300mg/dL in a patient with classics symptoms of hyperglycemia or hyperglycemic crisis Did you get it right? Follow the link to find out!

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July 26, 2016

There are various hormones, neurotransmitters, nucleotides, and fatty acids in the pancreas that affect insulin production and secretion. Sorting all these factors out, and how we might possibly affect glucose control by mimicking  some of these compounds, has opened up new avenues of treatment. GLP-1 agonists are just one example. This week in our …

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