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For many years we have known that amyloid deposits in the brain cause Alzheimer’s, and the more deposits the worse the disease becomes. In 2011 scientists from ModGene LLC and Scripps Research Institute found that these deposits in the brain may come from the liver. This week our clinical text …

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It IS What You Say

Working with a patient, a woman, 44 years of age, who has had type 1 diabetes 21 years. She had a day of high glucose levels. We worked together very hard all day correcting to bring it down. After being closer to her target range, not low by any means, she told me she just had some chocolate. I asked her why, after the day she had, did she choose chocolate.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #24: Pancreatic Morphology in Normal and Diabetic States Part 4 of 4

Chronically elevated glucose and/or free fatty acids: type 2 diabetes is characterized by increased circulating nutrients including glucose and free fatty acids (FFA).The literature clearly shows that chronic exposure of beta cells to elevated glucose results in impaired beta-cell function, but the data regarding cellular toxicity in response to this nutrient are more mixed.

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