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Last week I had my physical. When they checked my blood pressure, it was 141/81 and my doctor was a little concerned that it was elevated. He asked me if it was like this most of the time and I told him it was not. I asked him to check …

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Inpatient Teaching Should Include Outpatient (Real Life) Education and Supplies

One day a 31-year-old woman who had recently been hospitalized and subsequently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes came into our diabetes clinic for education. She had been discharged from the hospital less than a week prior to coming to our clinic. She was frustrated when she arrived, as her blood sugars had become increasingly elevated after leaving the hospital. She had called her primary care physician and he instructed her to increase her dose of long-acting insulin. Still, her blood sugars had not improved.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #20: Development and Maintenance of the Islet Beta Cell Part 4 of 4

For many years it was speculated that beta cells, much like neurons, were postmitotic and that their turnover in the mammal was minimal or zero. Over the last two decades, studies in mice have suggested a more dynamic picture, wherein beta-cell mass can change in response to physiologic states such as growth, pregnancy, and obesity.

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