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Daily Archives: Sep 7, 2015

Editor’s Note, DCMS #257

The diabetes newsletters and services have all been carrying articles about the artificial pancreas. There are three basic components to the device. There is a pump to deliver insulin and a pump to deliver glucagon, however, the “brains” of the system is the glucose reading device. Without the brains, then …

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When Assessing Glucose Levels and Treatment, Look for the Patterns

Patient, type 2 diabetes and obesity, on basal/bolus insulin with an A1C of 10.7%. He was not following any particular meal plan, and was, for the most part, consuming a high carb diet. Diabetes education was provided, including how carbohydrates affect glucose levels, lowering his carbs, and ideal target glucose levels. We told him we did not expect him to reach these levels right away, in fact we wanted to see how he adjusted to the change in diet without low glucose levels, so we recommended he decrease both his basal and bolus insulin, with clear instructions on how much insulin to take...

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