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OmniPod (Pod) Insulin Management System Recall

Insulet initiated a lot-specific voluntary recall of 40,846 boxes (10 Pods per box) of the OmniPod (Pod) Insulin Management System. This field corrective action is due to the possibility that some of the Pods from these lots may have a higher rate of failure than Insulet’s current manufacturing standards. For …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #256

While researching some information for a CE I was preparing, I found out that approximately 74% of patients with diabetes have mild to severe hypertension. This means that in addition to the possible kidney damage caused by diabetes, most or our patients are also at risk for more kidney damage …

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Next Generation Google Glucose Monitoring Devices in the Making


Possible new technology to replace fingerstick glucometers… Google has collaborated with DexCom, a company specializing in glucose monitoring devices to develop a revolutionary low-cost miniature glucometer that could replace the fingerstick glucometer. The new device is a wearable sensor that continuously monitors glucose levels and transmits real-time information via Cloud. …

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BREAKING NEWS: Advancement for Kids and Adults with Diabetes

First and only full mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for adults and children as young as 2 years old… Diabetes patients and families nationwide have something to cheer about—no more separate receivers! The FDA just announced approval of the Dexcom’s G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, which sends …

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Low-Fat Diets vs. Low-Carb Diets

Dietary fat restrictions might be more beneficial to people with obesity than low-carb diets… Low-carb diets have become increasingly popular within recent years as many publications claim that low-carb diets result in decreased insulin secretions, elevated release of free fatty acids from adipose tissues, and increased fat oxidation and energy …

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Effects of Vitamin D Supplements in Obese Teens

Study finds extra dosing may be linked to increased levels of cholesterol and fat-storing triglycerides… Obesity in children is often associated with vitamin D deficiency and endothelial dysfunction. However, it is not known if treatment with vitamin D improves endothelial function in obese children. Previous studies have suggested that there …

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Increases Energy Expenditure During Food Intake

Researchers seek explanation for sustained weight loss after procedure… The mechanism that causes long-term weight loss with gastric bypass surgery is currently unclear. Reduced caloric intake does not provide the entire explanation for why gastric bypass patients maintain long-term weight loss. Previous studies suggests that enhanced energy expenditure might play …

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