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Editor’s Note, DCMS #243

When we talk about the complications of diabetes we frequently talk about kidney failure and amputation, but more often than not the first changes that a patient notices are in their vision. Whether it is difficulty reading because of elevated glucose or the first signs of retinopathy, eye changes can …

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IM Essentials Flashcards

American College of Physicians Free iOS/Android For Internal Medicine students, IM Essentials Flashcards offers over 1,100 flashcards across 11 categories and is the perfect app for studying on-the-go. Each card features a link to the relevant content within IM Essentials Online so you can reinforce your learning experience….

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Rapid Heart Rate Suggests a 59% Higher Risk of Diabetes

A potential new pre-clinical marker to determine a patient’s risk for diabetes… Seven previous studies totaling nearly 100,000 patients found a positive association between those with a rapid heart rate and an increased risk of diabetes as compared to individuals with slow heart rates. Researchers found this same association in …

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