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SENSUS A treatment for DPN


SENSUS A treatment for DPN  SENSUS offers transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. SENSUS is lightweight, wearable under clothing, and offers non-narcotic pain relief alone or as a complement to other medications. In addition, it has an easy-to-use, one-button control. "For people with diabetes, especially those with PDN who have led a …

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What Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cover?

What Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cover? Do you or your patients know what Marketplace Health Insurance covers? This patient handout from the U.S. website explains what every plan must cover. Marketplace Health Insurance Coverages   

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Flu Susceptibility Higher in Working-age Adults with Diabetes

"Guidelines calling for influenza vaccinations in diabetic, in addition to elderly, adults implicitly single out working-age adults with diabetes. We found that working-age adults with diabetes appear more susceptible to serious influenza-attributable illness. These findings represent the strongest available evidence for targeting diabetes as an indication for influenza vaccination, irrespective …

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Supersized “Pricing” of Foods Increase Risk of Diabetes


Researchers examined the interplay between supersize pricing strategies and the effect on health by evaluating both marketing theories and public policy implications. The researchers found that "supersize" pricing strategies not only lead to greater purchase and consumption, but that they do so by impacting important consumer goals in unrelated areas, …

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FDA Says Food Labels Need to Change


The FDA is asking that the number of calories be more prominent, the amount of added sugar and percentage of whole wheat be included, and for more clarity on serving sizes. Recommended serving sizes for some foods may be adjusted. An Agriculture Department study said 42% of working adults used …

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