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Cook This, Not That!


Rodale, Inc. iOS/$7.99 and Android/$4.99   Cook This, Not That! is a portable cookbook for those who love to eat, but do not want to deal with the unhealthy consequences such as weight gain.

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Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer


Abvio, Inc. iOS/$4.99   For your more fit diabetes patients who love cycling, this app "turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS-enabled fitness computer, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, be healthier, and live longer" (iTunes).

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Glucose Buddy


Azumio iOS and Android Glucose Buddy tracks not only blood glucose as the name implies, but also A1c, medication administration, physical activity, and food intake.

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Patient Handout: Understanding Metformin

 Understanding Metformin Handout (pdf)  What every patient needs to know about metformin. Why it was recommended, how to be successful with metformin, what it is and how it works, what to expect with metformin, what to do if you are having nausea, and what ot expect as you continue to …

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Sensor-equipped Bathmat Detects Ulcers


Sensor-equipped Bathmat Detects Ulcers  A new kind of bathmat is being developed that would monitor the feet of people with diabetes, collecting data about blood flow and using algorithms to predict patterns that might signal ulcer development. The device would also notify the patient and care provider when pre-ulcer conditions …

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