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Daily Archives: Jan 27, 2012

BioChip to Detect Glucose in Saliva


BioChip to Detect Glucose in Saliva One holy grail of medical technology research has been the possibility of measuring patients’ blood glucose levels indirectly, avoiding the universally hated needle pricks. Not only will this make millions of diabetes patients jump with joy, it will certainly increase their testing compliance, leading …

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Fewer Diabetes Patients Lose Limbs

A study found that fewer diabetes patients are being hospitalized for foot or leg amputations, though they’re still at higher risk of losing a limb than the general population. Among diabetes patients ages 40 and up, hospital discharge rates for nontraumatic lower-extremity amputation fell an average of 8.6% per year …

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Wider Hips Protects against Metabolic Disorders Such as Diabetes

Adrian Cameron from Deakin University, study co-author, stated that, “We knew that higher hip circumference was protective against metabolic diseases such as diabetes as well as death…. However, we did not know that taking waist and hip circumference into account separately (as opposed to using the waist-to-hip ratio) would reveal …

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