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ADA: Public Knows about Diabetes, Yet Takes No Action

Americans are well informed about the risks, dangers, and signs of diabetes, but that knowledge does not appear to translate into actions to prevent or control the disease, researchers reported. Almost 87% of the 3,867 type 2 diabetes respondents in a huge national sampling knew that obesity contributes to chronic …

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ADA: Tiny Pump Helps Improve Glycemic Control

A matchstick-sized implantable subcutaneous pump that delivers a steady flow of the GLP-1 agonist exenatide (Byetta) maintained improvements in glycemic control over a year, researchers said. The purpose is to increase adherence, while offering greater efficacy and reduced side effects. The pump has to be inserted every three months, but …

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NC-stat — DPNCheck


NC-stat — DPNCheck Fast, accurate and quantitative test that may be used to evaluate peripheral neuropathies such as DPN. It may aid in the early detection, confirmation, and monitoring of DPN. It measures sural nerve conduction velocity – a standard biomarker for subclinical and symptomatic DPN. It is sensitive and specific for …

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GLP-1 Special Issue #4 Editor’s Note

Steve and Andrew came back with a ton of new data on GLP-1 Agonist therapies from the 71st Scientific Sessions of the ADA. We turned over these articles, abstracts, posters and presentations to our interns for them to get down to what really matters. They have three articles focusing on …

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Exenatide Update ADA 71st Scientific Sessions

In order to increase compliance and improve efficacy, there is an experimental long acting exenatide once monthly injectable suspension in the pipeline. This long acting formulation is currently in phase-2 trial and has showed promising results in controlling A1C in type 2 diabetes patients….

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Lixisenatide Update ADA 71st Scientific Sessions

The investigational drug Lyxumia® (lixisenatide), a once daily GLP-1 agonist, is making progress as a newer drug in this increasingly crowded class of drugs.  Data from four studies of the GetGoal Phase III clinical program was presented at the ADA sessions….

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Liraglutide Update ADA 71st Scientific Sessions

Adding Insulin to Metformin and Liraglutide: A New Sequence of Medication Therapy for Type-2 Diabetes Patients A new clinical study shows for the first time that the addition of long-acting insulin to the medication regimen of Metformin plus Victoza (liraglutide) allowed patients to reach an A1c goal of less-than-7% with …

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