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Essential Oils for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes


Ivory A. Gordon, Pharm.D. Candidate Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy   Essential oils are complex and contain many different chemical ingredients that are extracted from plants through distillation, a process of purifying liquids by boiling and condensing its vapors. Essential oils serve as an invaluable element of natural healing …

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The DIDGET Blood Glucose Monitoring System


The DIDGET Blood Glucose Monitoring System Bayer Diabetes Care has announced the FDA approval and introduction of the DIDGET™ blood glucose monitoring system in the United States. The DIDGET meter is unique because it is the only blood glucose meter that connects directly to Nintendo DS™ and DS Lite gaming …

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Rate Your Plate

For Better Health, Rate Your Plate This easy-to-use tool will help patients assess the nutritional value of their meals. It asks questions like: is your plate covered with colorful vegetables -– dark green, orange, red, and yellow? And is the fat trimmed off your meat and skin removed? Check it …

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Newsflash #519

Diabetes Linked to Irregular Heartbeat. See this week’s Item #2. Lilly Submits Reply to FDA Complete Response Letter for BYDUREON™. See this week’s Item #7.  

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US Ponders Populationwide Salt-reduction Policies

US Ponders Populationwide Salt-reduction Policies: In most developed countries, more than 75% of the salt consumed comes from processed foods. The WHO advises that adults consume no more than 5g per day. The average consumption of salt in most Western countries currently stands at around 9g to 12g a day. …

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