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Sanofi is expanding its insulin portfolio to include the new inhaled insulin, Affreza. While it may not perform in the market at the scale of Lantus, I, for one, am glad that Sanofi is doing this.

Five years ago a small company called VeroScience came out with a new medication called Cycloset, a low-dose immediate-acting formulation of bromocriptine, for improving glucose levels. They had great study results. But because they were a small company with an almost nonexistent marketing budget, the potential of the drug remains to be realized in clinical practice because very few prescribers are aware of its significant benefits. With the marketing power of Sanofi available to spread the information, there is a good chance that Affreza will get the exposure needed to make a difference for the patients who can benefit from it.



With a day packed full of education, motivational tools, one-on-one sessions, and workshops, the TCOYD health fair is a great way to get your patients to take better care of their health and themselves. 
From "dLife investigates diabetes care in America's prisons and jails. And, more Real People, Real Stories as we visit a woman who has a high flying way of staying fit and in control. Plus, Chef Michel Nischan gives a comfort food favorite — meatloaf — a low-carb makeover." Sundays live online at at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Keep up on the latest dLife news at
We can make a difference!

Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief

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First SGLT-2 + Metformin Approved

See this week's Item #1.

Tool for your Practice

Updated: Comprehensive List of Insulins

comprehensive-insulin-tool-imageWe recently put together a new Comprehensive List of Insulins. The most comprehensive and up-to-date list available, this 27-page printable pdf includes Rapid-Acting, Short-Acting, Intermediate-Acting, Long-Acting, and Pre-Mixed or Combination Insulins.  We've also just added the newly approved Afrezza inhaled insulin. Detailed information on these insulins includes: Indications, Pharmacology, Dosage and Administration, Adverse Effects, and Precautions and Contraindications. To download this 27-page PDF, just use this link: Comprehensive List of Insulins (updated July 9, 2014)

Product of the Week
PreDiabetes Screening Test 

prediabetes-screening-kit-imageFinally there's a test that only focuses on PreDiabetes. At the recent AADE meeting, a new company came our way with a home laboratory test that can demonstrate whether a patient has prediabetes or even diabetes. It's a mail-away finger-stick test that is 99.9% accurate. Now you can have your patients' family members test and catch prediabetes early. Check it out at




Test Your Knowledge Question #742

A 52-year-old-woman is being seen in your office for her type 2 diabetes and you are going to start a SGLT2 inhibitor. It would be important to advise her that the most common adverse effect in clinical trials was:

A. Genital fungal infections

B. Hypokalemia

C. Hyperkalemia

D. Bladder cancer

For the complete question and answer, just follow this link.


AADE 2014 Show Specials through August 20

Available now. Diabetes In Control has arranged with select innovative providers for special discounts on certain products. The A1C Now+ test is 15% off reducing your cost to as little as $8 per test! This and other promotions are only available for a limited time from now through August 20th. For the full list of discounted products just follow this link.



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Quote of the Week!

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

                ..................Jane Goodall 


Diabetes in Control gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following University of Florida pharmacy doctoral candidate in the preparation of this week's newsletter: 

Sim A. Lukose, 
Florida A&M University

Mai Do, Florida A&M University

Joanne Dam, LECOM College of Pharmacy


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