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When the first gastric bypass was done, the incision was about 6-9 inches long. Then came lap band surgery for weight loss. We have gone from 4 incisions to one small incision over the past five years. We are always looking for less-invasive ways to help our patients lose weight and improve their health. Now, there is a new target and method to take the incision totally out of the picture.

It appears that the side effect of gastric embolization will prove to be the most noninvasive way to reduce weight in patients. Check out Item 4 and learn how the Get Lean study proved this new method can work for your patients. But if you are not ready for this new procedure, then you may be interested to learn that a new study shows that weight loss surgery actually saves insurers and payers money over the long run.


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Tool for your Practice

A Hard Pill to Swallow? How to Make It a Little Easier to Take

It's a common complaint: previous research has indicated that more than half of all people experience swallowing difficulties when taking tablets or capsules. Now, a research brief offers some techniques to make hard-to-swallow pills go down a bit more easily. This handout provides tips to share with your patients. Hard Pill to Swallow (pdf)

Product of the Week

The Zio Event Card 

altThe ZIO® Event Card is a prescription-only, single-use, disposable, looping ECG monitor that can be worn for up to 30 days. With the profile of three stacked credit cards and weighing less than 2 ounces, the ZIO Event Card is intended to be comfortable to wear and inconspicuous under clothing. The ZIO Event Card records the ECG during normal daily activities. It continually scans the heart for ECG activity, but only keeps the data when patients indicate they have a symptom by pressing the RECORD button. Recordings are then transmitted over the phone by the patient to a representative at the iRhythm Clinical Centers (iCC). The ZIO Event Card is indicated for use on patients who experience transient symptoms such as syncope, palpitations, shortness of breath, or dizziness.



Mobile App of the Week


Docbook1Docbook2DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices. Designed by and for physicians it creates a secure community to share patient information and collaborate with medical colleagues. In the past year, DocbookMD has experienced incredible growth now counting nearly 20,000 physicians users.  Just follow this link for more information and to download the app.


Test Your Knowledge Question #756

Which risk factors has Adult Treatment Panel (ATP III) identified for use in diagnosing metabolic syndrome?

A. Blood HDL cholesterol greater than 45 mg/dL in men and blood pressure greater than 140/90.
B. Waist circumference of greater than 50 inches in men and fasting blood glucose less than 80 mg/dL.
C. Waist circumference of greater than 35 inches in women and fasting blood glucose greater than or equal to 100 mg/dL.

For the complete question and answer, just follow this link. 


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Quote of the Week!

"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have."
...Vince Lombardi


Diabetes in Control gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following  pharmacy doctoral candidates in the preparation of this week's newsletter: 

LanAhn Doan, Florida A&M University

Paul Dreabit, LECOM University 

Jennifer Piggot, LECOM University


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