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Our good friend and Advisory Board member, Andrew Young, is one of the fittest type 1 patients I have ever met. He runs, cycles, surfs, does yoga, and is constantly working his body to improve his fitness especially for cardiovascular health. He believes that, as a type 1 patient, it is never too early to begin working on your physical fitness and health, and his message to all patients is to do something every day to improve your health.

His ideas make perfect sense and if you check out this week's article on The Impact of Physical Activity on Young Type 1 Diabetes Patients, you will see why he is so passionate about activity and how this activity can make a real difference in heart health. … Read More

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Tool for your Practice


Google seems to be moving into the medical sphere lately and Google Fit is one of their first forays. If your patients are keen to try the latest tech, Google Fit has gotten good reviews so far. Users can track all of their activity registered by the device on their phone or tablet, bringing them closer to reaching their fitness goals. They can also adjust their goals based on either duration or steps, and receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals, and get a comprehensive review which they can then share with you. Google Fit is compatible with all Android Wear devices and you can be fairly certain sure there will be more of those coming soon.

Product of the Week

The Gmate SMART meter is the size of a quarter and connects to the headphone jack on an iOS device while using the Gmate SMART app to deliver blood glucose test results without the use of an adapter or Bluetooth device. With a simple download of their app, the Gmate SMART interfaces directly with the iPhone 5's or 6's operating system.


Mobile App of the Week

Zombies, Run!

Zombierun1If you are looking for a more unconventional way to motivate your patients to exercise, Zombies, Run! has proven to be remarkably effective, with enthusiastic fans even creating Zombies, Run! 5K races. There are now more than a few versions of this kind of app available but this particular one seems to be the most popular. The app, which is used in conjunction with headphones, comes with more than 30 missions, options for interval training, the ability to play at the gym or outside, and the option of customizing the music, or turning down the noises of the zombies chasing after.... For more information and to download the app, just follow this link.




Test Your Knowledge Question #753

The following are risk factors for diabetes....

a. Ethnicity
b. Obesity
c. Family history
d. Low physical activity
e. All of the above 

For the complete question and answer, just follow this link.


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Quote of the Week!

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." 

              .........Theodore Roosevelt


Diabetes in Control gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following University of Florida pharmacy doctoral candidate in the preparation of this week's newsletter: 

Arpita Patel, LECOM University 

Paul Dreabit, LECOM University 

LanAhn Doan, Florida A&M University



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