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June, 2017

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    June 24, 2017


    There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to cover everything that we got to see at the recent Scientific Sessions in San Diego. Since the ADA draws in scientists and researchers from around the world, it is the number-one place to present new findings both good and bad. In ...

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June, 2017

Test Your Knowledge

GLP-1 and Basal Insulin

Which of the following GLP-1 agonists is not currently approved for use with basal insulin?


Explanation: The other three medications (exenatide, albiglutide and liraglutide) have all been approved for concomitant use with basal insulin but have not been studied with prandial insulin. Current studies are ongoing to evaluate the safety and, in particular, the incidence of hypoglycemia when dulaglutide is used together with basal insulin.  According to the package insert for all these drugs, when being used with an insulin secretagogue or with insulin itself, the dose should be lowered.


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June, 2017